Goal setting for success


We’ve seen and heard that others do it… 

Now it’s time to stop thinking about it, now it’s time to do it! 

Goal setting is the process of developing your pathway toward your dreams. 

Break up the long road toward your vision with shorter steps and in doing so, give yourself something positive to focus on. 


I assure you that without setting goals in your life, nothing will ever change. Stop the run of “bad luck” while you’re waiting for “good luck” to come along. Design your own luck!” - Kerri Pottharst


If you had one wish to be granted, to be anyone, to do anything in this world that you wanted to do or be….what would you choose?

Why wait for that wish to be granted, why not start living your dream. Set goals, strive and reach for the stars.


The GOAL SETTING FOR SUCCESS workshop includes:

  • Determining where you are right now
  • Deciding where you’d like to be 
  • Learning how to clearly state your goals and putting them out there in front of you
  • Determining the purpose of your goals
  • Preparing an Action Plan
  • Finding out what you're willing to GIVE and GIVE UP in order to achieve your goals 
  • Turning your negative thoughts into positive thoughts 
  • Working on how to push past your limiting beliefs 
  • And, concludes with the Walk of Courage - Glass Walk! 


Goal setting is all about creating the path you need to take to achieve your dreams and understanding how to take the journey in short steps, giving yourself milestones to achieve that will keep your motivation high. By finding out where you are today and where you’d like to be you can implement the rules and processes involved in setting goals and achieving them.

Understanding the purposes of your goals and aligning them to both your personal values and your internal dialogue will allow you to develop a clear plan of action that details each step to success.

With the goal setting process you will also discover the crucial element to fulfilling your goals – identifying the typical excuses we give ourselves for not succeeding and learning how to overcome them so that you’ll never hold yourself back again.

Recently retired from international-level competition, Kerri now indulges one of her biggest passions – motivating and inspiring others to achieve the same levels of success in their business and personal lives through her keynote presentations and coaching sessions.

Kerri’s story is not the Olympic fairytale – a potentially devastating knee injury in 1992 saw her sidelined, and the general consensus was that she would never return to compete again, But her iron will and focused determination to continue living the life she loved saw her fight back and return to represent her country – and win.

Kerri’s experience has taught her that desire and knowledge aren’t always enough to guarantee success; success lies in finding that special place that is one step further than other people are willing to go. It is her firm belief that succeeding as a professional athlete requires the same drive and determination needed to excel in business and personal endeavours – and that both require courage and skill in equal measure.

Kerri is one of six women in the world who know what it takes to win an Olympic Gold Medal in beach volleyball – a game of strength, strategy and skill. Now, as an experience speaker and presenter, she is sharing her Gold Medal Excellence knowledge in her Goal Setting for Success workshops.


  • Down to earth. In 50 years time when I have to list my 10 memories in my life that were turning points, she is on that list!
  • She is an Inspiration. Surpassed Expectations
  • Extremely informative. Very clear communication and responsive to questions.
  • Absolutely fantastic!
  • Far beyond my expectations, absolutely mind blowing
  • Assisted and guided the team well.