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How many tasks have you thought were impossible? How many times have you felt there are too many obstacles between you and your goal? A business team, like a sports team, is capable of exceptional performance. You just need the correct tools and, most importantly, the right mentality and vision

In order to claim gold during an against-all-odds win versus beach volleyball giants Brazil at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Kerri Pottharst and her playing partner Natalie Cook had to overcome their own fear and doubt. Having been defeated 16 times in a row by the seemingly unbeatable world champions, Pottharst and Cook didn't fancy their chances.


Having created one of the most memorable moments of the Olympic Games by winning gold, Pottharst now takes organisational teams through the exact same process that took her to the impossible pinnacle of world sport. The powerful session helps staff overcome fear and doubt, convinces them to push past limitations and bolsters personal belief. And, just as Pottharst’s gold medal training did, the session ends with a walk over broken glass.


"I was an ordinary person who did something extraordinary," Pottharst, who has represented Australia in sport for more than 20 years, says.


"How did this happen? What steps did it take? It wasn't just a fluke, there was a lot of goal setting and there was a definite plan put in place before we could succeed. This is exactly the way it should be for teams and leaders in business."


"But when it came to overcoming the most difficult obstacle – the battle against Brazil for the gold medal, the biggest issue was, in fact, a simple one. It was about changing our thought pattern, realising nothing is impossible". The volleyball legend now coaches and mentors other elite athletes in the areas of self development and success – teaching others to be better than they ever dreamed, and showing them how they can perform consistently at this enhanced level again and again.


Kerri Pottharst, who in 2007 was also honoured with an induction into the International  Volleyball Hall of Fame for superior teamwork, knows success and knows what it takes to build a team and to overcome all obstacles. With her down-to-Earth, approachable style she's sharing her powerful insights with a range of businesses, imparting knowledge to executives, managers and staff about the disciplines she learned from elite sport, and how they can be applied to business.


Presentation Topics

Overcoming Fear and Doubt 

The single greatest obstacle to a team performing at their peak and beyond is a defeatist mental attitude. Change that thought pattern and the people representing your business will go from good to great. Kerri demonstrates, using examples from her international sporting career, how she and other great athletes have changed their outlook for spectacular results. 

Pushing Your Limitations 

Everybody sets limits for themselves, but how often do you question those limits? Why settle for average when you can have outstanding? Through her own experience and via her consultation to other elite sportspeople Kerri has learnt how to raise these limits, how to accept that we can all be champions and how to make that happen as a team. 

Goal Setting 

Goal Setting is definitely one of Kerri’s strengths. Be inspired by her stories of setback, injury and defeat. Learn how she overcame them all to compete in 3 Olympic Games and win 2 Olympic Medals by setting goals. Discover how she turned her Bronze into Gold! Learn strategies and ways to ensure that your goals will be achieved. Throughout her 25 year athletic career, Kerri has excelled in breaking up the long road toward her dream of Gold, into small steps. She learnt that without setting goals in life, nothing will ever change. Stop the run of “bad luck” while you’re waiting for “good luck” to come along. Design your own luck. 

Corporate Team Building - the perfect Australian experience, especially for incentive groups or overseas delegates. 

In addition to keynotes, Kerri also facilitates Beach Volleyball team building workshops. During these sessions Kerri and her coaches take to the beach with delegates – teaching them the skills needed to play as a team in a fun and practical way. Nothing has been more important throughout Kerri's two decades of representing her country than teamwork. When teamwork breaks down in business the results are disastrous. Better communication, clear leadership, shared vision, support, flexibility and a solid game plan are all ingredients to make up the perfect team, and they're all traits Kerri and her team will drill into staff during a day full of fun and learning...More. 

The Power of Personal Belief 

In sport, in business and in personal life, so much relies on personal belief – that unshakeable confidence which all champions share. At the end of a session with Kerri, after the feared and revered walk across broken glass, staff will have a new vision of themselves. They will also have the tools with which to constantly update and fine tune their personal belief, giving them a new outlook on life and work.


  • Kerri had taken the time to plan her presentation to incorporate the theme of our conference. The actual presentation was a highly entertaining mix of anecdotes from her Olympic experience blended with the motivational tools Kerri used to achieve her goals
    — Health Services Supply Association
  • Kerri delivered an outstanding address as part of Westpac boardroom dinner, keeping her audience enthralled in her sporting experiences both on and off the field. Kerri is easy to listen too, delivering her messages in an down to earth, intimate and candid way.
    — Westpac Banking Corporation
  • KKerri’s presentation was sensational and the combination of her talk with the glass walking worked perfectly. Her preparation and understanding of our current issues was also sensational. An incredible experience with a lasting impact.
    — Proctor and Gamble
  • Kerri is extremely down to earth and has the rare ability of being able to communicate with all levels of the community
    — Suncorp
  • What a great speaker, gave the audience a terrific story in a well paced and highly entertaining presentation, great attitude and a professional.
    — ANZ Bank

Note to event planners:

  • AV requirements: Lapel or hand held microphone, DVD player with speakers (Kerri has a dynamic 3 minute video as an introduction which takes everyone back to that special moment in September 2000 on Bondi Beach.)
  • The glass for the Glass Walk is completely contained and easy to transport. Kerri does 3 easy steps across it and invites 1 or 2 members of the audience to participate, if they want to.