“A sponsor to an athlete is like a foot hold to a rock climber…. without them, it's a lot harder to reach the top!! Over the past 10 years, my personal sponsors have allowed me to concentrate full time on my sport. Their financial support has enabled me to seek and employ some of the best coaches and support staff in the world.

Some sponsors come and go, that's to be expected, but others stay around for the long haul and they are the REAL supporters of champions. We've all seen sponsor logos or advertisements on websites; however the sponsors listed below are more than just a logo, a product or company.

They are people who care and who help support the goals and dreams of others.

Most of my sponsors have been with me for years and added significantly towards my success on Bondi beach on the 25th of September 2000.

Many years ago, I had a dream to one day win an Olympic Gold Medal for Australia. These companies backed that dream and continue to support my new goals and dreams for the future.

Thanks to all those listed below and to the many others that are part of my journey."

"An essential part of my uniform, Bolle sunglasses have supported me for over 13 years! They were, in fact, my first ever sponsor when I ventured out of the gym and onto the sand. They have been with me ever since and are a very generous supporter.

The best part is that my eyes are protected in all weather conditions.

Thanks Bolle, I'll always "put 'em on my face!"