Winning Gold- In Kerri's Words

Stepping up onto the dais in Sydney was one of the most incredible  feelings I’ve ever experienced. (It comes close to the moment I gave birth to my beautiful son, Tyson!)


I was so proud, so amazed, so excited and it felt so right! It was an explosion of emotions.


Natalie, myself and our coaches had planned that moment for so many years that when we were actually there I just remember letting it all sink in and feeling on top of the world.


You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for a long time and I think I slept with my Gold Medal under the pillow for about a week!


Winning a Gold Medal hasn’t “changed” me, but it has “enhanced” my life.


It has opened many doors of opportunity and these have provided some wonderful experiences and some financial gains, but unless you see those doors open and you’re willing to do what it takes to go down the path ways, it may not add to your life at all.


It has allowed me to leave my mark in history within our own sport and within the sporting world of Australia.


It has brought me great respect as a motivational speaker and a beach volleyball coach. And, of course, provided me with an incredible tale to tell and wonderful experiences to inspire others with!


But most importantly, it’s given me the confidence and knowing that ANY thing in life is possible and that I can most certainly achieve what ever I set out to do